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Department of Senior Citizen Service Management


    By the beginning of 2007, the geriatric population in reaches 10 %, among them more than two hundred thousand are in need of different degrees of long-term care. By year 2016, the geriatrics are estimated to be more than 13 % of the general population. They need someone to take care of them in different ways. Therefore, Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health established the Department of Senior Citizen Service Management in 2007 to meet the need. 


Department of Senior Citizen Service Management was established in 2007. We offers four-year and two-year college program for continuing vocational education and training .We develop and provide courses that are specialized in elder care service and elder care management. Now we offer two-year and four-year college programs for On-the-job Professional Division. The main goal of our department is to cultivate professionals and to promote the physical, psychological and spiritual well-beings of senior adults in their daily life. The graduates will gain abilities to work in the relevant industries, to be more competitive in the profession. Students are highly encouraged to obtain profession certificates.


 Educational goal

There are five key educational goals for preparing our students becoming the professionals in the areas of senior care related industries:


1.Becoming professionals and able to integrate senior care resources;


 2.Administrative personnel of long-term organizations 


 3.Health & life carerr for elderly people.


 4.Supervisor or assistant of long-term organization


 5.students can become creative and innovative in the senior service  agency industry .




 Required Courses    



introduction of Gerontology    


Old age consuming psychology     



Life Science     




Human Development       


Attendance service Practicum     

Nutrition for Elderly    

Sport Intervention and Rehabilitation for Senior Citizen     


Senior Health Industry     


Introduction to Social Works    


Old Age Physiology     






Old person cares and placement       

Old person dining manufacture and Practicum    


Social Policy and old age welfare      


The Management of Senior-service organization     


Basic Nursing and Practicum    



Management practice Practicum    

Old age Psychology   

Live and Death- caring for dying people     


Statistics and Software     


Professional Ethics    

Senior Nursing   

Practice Seminar   











  Selective Courses     

Old age problems and demands    



Old person common vigorous sickness nursing    


Old age demography    


Old person leisure life plan   

The aging of population and cares    



Old age market survey and assessment  


Common old age healthy subject    


Cost accounting    

Chinese medicine and health theory 


Old person Financial Management plan  


Senior adult Education    


Health Promotion and Management  


Disease nutriology   

Long Term Care with plan    


Aged and anti-aged theory    


Community Caresr   


Counseling for the Elderly With auxiliary skill  


Old person commodity design   

Keeping in good health: dining design and manufacture   


Old person business and management




Old person educations the teaching material  


Life Ceremony plan and arrangement  



Old person and family   

Senior Citizen Service marketing strategy   



Elderly Career Design    



Old person case study    



Physical examination and assessment     

Voluntary Worka and Services     


Old person physical ability and activity design    


Housing Design for Elderly    


Health foods introduction     

Old person the leisure health care enterprise design  


Multimedia production